The general aims of this web page are the following:
  • Present a reusable digital edition of the manuscripts that constitute Bonaparte's Archive and at the same time, offer a tool that analyses the features of the texts, providing thus a diachronic and dialectal description of the Basque language.
The specific aims devoted to computing editing can be summarized thus:
  • Present the bibliographic description of all the texts with the following information: sources, editions, among others The description also supplements some new second level information that aims to:
    • Show the headers that compile all the information of every document: author, origin, typology, chronology, topic, dialect, among others.
    • Establish different parts of the text according to its typology: sections, chapters, verses, paragraphs, stanzas, among others.
    • Include organised footnotes ?added as metadata- according to their content and typology.
Regarding the development of the software to obtain a diachronic analysis of Basque, it is aimed to:
  • Carry out search of morpho-syntactic elements within a context.
  • Establish linguistic discrepancies among dialects and varieties of the Basque language.
  • Find distinctive features of the language in its dialectal and chronological context.
  • Collate pre-selected linguistic features.
  • Implement a descriptive method of the texts, classified both dialectally and diachronically.
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